Brow waxing, hair removal services, lash lifts, brow lamination and tinting.

Facial waxing services with healthy skin as the focus and complete hair removal. All waxing services include applications of antiseptic, protective powder and soothing products. These help with comfort and protect the skin during the service. Satin Smooth Wax and Rhonda Allison Skin Care products are used in these services.


Brow Wax – $24

Hair removal to refine your brow shape and accentuate your eyes.  Cool compresses and soothing agents will be used to minimize post-wax redness.

Lip Wax – $16

Hair removal from the upper lip.  Cool compresses and soothing agents will be included to minimize post-wax redness.

Cheek or Chin Waxing – $22

Hair removal from the cheek or jawline area. Cool compresses and soothing agents will be used to minimize any lingering post wax redness.

Brow and Lash Tinting, Lamination and Lifting

The Skin Studio Uses Beautiful Brow And Lashes Products for all Brow Tints and Lifts.

Brow Tint – $23

A tinting of the brow hairs that gives more color and depth to brows so they better frame the eyes. Gently blends away gray hairs in moments. Customizable shades available for all hair colors. This service books for 15 minutes.

Brow Lift, Tint, and Wax – $83

A brow lift (otherwise known as lamination) with a tint and waxing to remove stray hairs. Brow lamination gives the brows more fullness, fluffiness, or control for up to 8 weeks. This combined with a brow tint and waxing will give the brows an overall more shapely, refined look with a minimum of daily maintenance.


Lash Tinting – $17

Minimize the need for mascara and visually strengthen the eye shape with lash tinting. Opthamalogist tested and gentle on the eyes, Beautiful Brow and Lash products are used to create 6-8 weeks of darker, thicker looking lashes.

Lash Lifting – $77

A lifting, curling, and tinting of the eyelashes. Thicker, longer,more evident looking eyelashes for up to 4-8 weeks. Ophthalmologist tested Beautiful Brow and Lash products are used.

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