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How to Look Refreshed on camera during Virtual Conferences using Esthetic Treatments

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Zoom gloom is real. The sinking feeling that some experience when they have to do another Zoom video meeting call. It’s tough to constantly be confronted with your own image, especially if you have been doing it for a year now. The thrill of being filmed is now gone. After a year of seeing myself on camera, I now understand how Hollywood types can fall down the plastic surgery rabbit hole. But such drastic measures aren’t necessary. With a few changes to your background space and your skincare regimen, plus the right skin treatments, you can help create positivity about your self-image on Zoom calls.

Lighting and Camera positioning is key.

Any Youtuber will tell you that it’s all about the lighting and camera positioning. The benefit of this prevents shadows that make under eyes appear dark, wrinkles or texture look more pronounced, and the skin seem dry and dull. With a few small adjustments, the face can look brighter, more hydrated, and more youthful on online video calls.

Rise up
Elevating your camera and looking directly at the camera is ideal. This positioning elongates the neck and provides the jawline with more definition, while looking down at the computer camera can give the impression of a double chin. Also, more long term device usage can create what is known as “Text Neck”, which is a foreshortening of the platysma muscle that gives the impression of a lined, sagging neck. Put the computer on a book or purchase a computer stand for better camera placement.

Light up your face.
Face a window or place 2 ring lights or lamps (at 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock to the face) light behind the computer. This will get even, bright light over the entirety of the face and eliminate shadows.

Clothing Choices Make a Difference
Clothing choices matter too! Wearing a solid tone, the non-neutral color will give the face more life and glow. Avoid dark tones or boldly patterned clothing as well. Patterns cause a moire pattern that can be distracting.

Facials keep you looking Younger
On Zoom calls, unlike most places these days, everyone sees your face! Being at home more and wearing a mask does not mean that the skin and skin care no longer matter. If anything, it means we need to really make it count when our skin is visible.Facials and exfoliating skin treatments can help with mascne, hydrating dry skin, and giving fine lines and wrinkles a smoother appearance. Monthly facials are recommended for skin improvement and maintenance. If more dramatic results are desired, more frequent skin care treatments are needed.

Skin Care Routine
A good at-home skincare routine supports your treatments and should be performed before applying any make-up. The skin should be cleansed, toned, and moisturized in the AM and PM, everyday. Exfoliation should be performed once daily to once weekly, depending on the exfoliation method used. Exfoliation should be done in the evening. Serums can be utilized before applying a moisturizer to assist in creating change in the skin. As serums penetrate more deeply into the epidermis, they are a great way to boost skin brightening, skin smoothing, and acne prevention results.

Also, don’t forget about having a humidifier in the room during your Zoom meetings! Remember most skin care products work better with some moisture in the environment.

Want a change but not ready to go under the knife?
Plastic surgery has boomed during the last year. But it’s not for everyone. Thankfully, there are effective non-invasive treatments that will give similar long and short-term results. A combination of the following skin care treatments is advisable for more dramatic change.

Microcurrent Defines your Face

Microcurrent firms the skin by affecting muscle contractions on certain muscle groups in the face. It has been called “pilates for the face” or an “electric facelift” in numerous publications. Microcurrent is great for giving the appearance of a stronger jawline, smoother nasolabial folds and forehead area, and more pronounced cheeks and cheekbones. A series of 6-8 treatment facials over the period of 2-3 months will give facelift-like results on healthy skin. Continued treatments and home care is recommended for the most long-term gains.

Rezenerate Smooths Fine Lines

If fine lines due to slight skin slackening or dryness and dehydration is your concern, Rezenerate Facials are a good option. Rezenerate is a sub-microneedling service using a small grate instead of needles to infuse the skin with hydration, antioxidants, and firming ingredients. Unlike microneedling, there is no medical director needed and no blood involved. Rezenerate can be used on the lips and near the eyes, making it a great treatment for fine lines and thin skin in those areas. This treatment can be done monthly and paired with other modalities to boost its effectiveness.

LED Treatments For Healing
LED Light Treatments build collagen and kill bacteria in the skin. It is a wonderful treatment for acne concerns as well as aging concerns. The collagen-building effect helps the skin look plumper. For aiding in clearing and healing red, acneic skin, LED light is amazing. LED can be done as frequently as weekly for the fastest visible changes.

All of these suggestions can improve the skin’s appearance on camera and diminish the feelings of Zoom Gloom. After a year of relying on virtual meetings, it may be just the time to give yourself a boost and feel excited about being on camera again.
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