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 Click  BOOK NOW to be transferred to the Aesthetics Services MINDBODY booking site.  Select Adrienne Marie Beauty as the location.  Then choose your desired service on the drop down menu and select Adrienne as the service provider. Create or use your log in and enter contact information.  Choose a date and time to complete booking.  A confirmation will be sent to finalize the appointment.  Appointments can also be made using the MINDBODY App.

 Call Invivo Wellness (414) 265-5606 for any questions about online booking or booking multiple services.

Facial waxing services with healthy skin as the focus and complete hair removal. All waxing services include applications of antiseptic, protective powder and a soothing agent. These help with comfort and protect the skin during the service. Nostril and Ear waxing available by request. Please consult with the esthetician for pricing.



Brow Wax – $20

Sharpen your brow shape and accentuate your eyes.  Cool compresses and soothing agents will be used to minimize post-wax redness



Lip Wax – $14

Hair removal from the upper lip.  Cool compresses and soothing agents will be included to minimize post-wax redness.



Cheek or Chin Wax – $18

Hair removal from the cheek or jawline area. Cool compresses and soothing agents will be used to minimize any lingering post wax redness.


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