Schedule an appointment online.  

Click  BOOK NOW to be transferred to the Esthetics Services MINDBODY booking site.  Select Adrienne Marie Beauty as the location.  Then choose your desired service on the drop down menu and choose Adrienne as the service provider. Create or use your log in and enter contact information.  Choose a date and time to complete booking.  A confirmation will be sent to finalize the appointment.

Call Invivo Wellness (414) 265-5606 for any questions about online booking, booking multiple services, or spa party booking for the A.M.B. Skin Care Studio.

Body Wrap – $65

Dry brushed and nourished head to toe in jojoba oil, the body is then wrapped tightly to encourage the release of sweat and toxins. Trouble spots that need more tightening are rubbed with a balm infused with warming and firming Ayurvedic herbs.  A skin tightening, detoxifying, warming and relaxing treat.

Abyhanga – $75

A body treatment based in Ayurvedic theory.   This soothing application of organic sesame or coconut oil creates a sense of balance and wellbeing in mind and body. A luxurious way to nourish dry or irritated skin, release tension and detoxify.

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